The story inside the story.

If you tell a story everything changes. The Shifters explains how important the change is, the evolution and the constant search for improvement. And it does it with one of its many languages.

Like a satellite navigation system to launch before departure, the stories of the blog lead to the discovery of every single milestone revealing from time to time the richness of the researches that hide inside the episodes of the web series.

Why a Third mission project.
A story full of science twist and turns.
Sustainable development: the role of the Shifters inside the community strategy.
Michela Floris – Family businesses have a lot to teach.
Francesco Viola – At night there were stars. The climate framework of the first episode, between fiction and reality.
Antonio Pusceddu – Judgement day is on a clock.
Cinzia Dessì – Small and medium-sized businesses: competitiveness and interpersonal relations.
Simone Ferrari – The city: building, microclimatic and pollution.
Piero Addis – A sustainable diet for the environment and the future populations.

If you tell a story, then everything changes.

Discover now the in-depth videos for the first episode.


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