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Why the choice of cinema.

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Why the choice of cinema?

Today’s communication uses more and more often, if not almost exclusively, images, as told by social media and entertainment contents such as the tv series. The expedient of the story has not abandoned the written or oral form. More simply it has been enriched, thanks to cinema and the audio-visual, and today, for the times in which we live, it has become hybrid. In fact, disciplines are intertwined and the audio-visual has put together writing, the dynamics of the scenes, the dialogues, photography, art, the willing and studied use of colours and shaped and then the specific story, the content and the message conveyed.

If you tell a story, then everything changes.

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The Shifters tells the fiction and so it creates possible worlds, even apocalyptic ones. The metaphorical game that the project stages to bring society close to science is the one of the hypothetical narrations, of what if. What if man stopped listening to experts, to scientists?

Antioco Floris

Antioco Floris teaches Audio-visual and New Media Language and Techniques, Film Aesthetics and Image Languages at University of Cagliari. His interests of research over the years are developed in three directions: cinema in Nazi Germany; film production linked to Sardinia and the problems about identity in the local filmmaking; the education to the image and the formation to cinema and audio-visuals, both in professional and educational fields. In the educational and research scope carries out activities of film producer and filmmaker.

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