At night there were stars

episode #01

A child, a hope.

A dystopic parallel reality. A future wrongly built, on the uncertain basis of the misconduct of a wicked humanity. In this thirsty and lost world, Lori can count on his fantasy, courage, curiosity and on the vivid colour of his youth.
Grandpa Bruno, who gave up dreaming a long time ago, instead, bears the weight of his age.
In this future with no light, where the sky is yellowed as the stale society unable to change, the determination of a child lights the hopes and, in an imagined blue sky, the stars.

Genres: climate fiction, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic.
Features: moving, dark, motivational.

Ten scientific researches, a university, a fantastic story.

The first episode of The Shifters starts from ten scientific researches led in the Univeristy of Cagliari involving twelve researchers from five different departments:


Department of Economics and Management Sciences


Department of Literature, Languages and Cultural Heritage


Department Life and Environment Sciences


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture


Department of Medicine and Public Healt

A catastrophe, just a few survivors. In this post-apocalyptic scenario, the genre used in the first episode is the climate fiction, field of science fiction, when a dystopic narrative, inside the Cyberpunk strand, tells a world characterised by the loss of trust in the future, darkened images, problems linked to climate and ecology.

The two main characters incarnate metaphorically the relationship between Research and society. On one side there is the loss of trust and pessimism that characterises the present society, depicted by Grandpa Bruno, on the other side, the curiosity and determination of the researchers, instead, symbolised by the nephew Lorenzo.

DIRECTED BY Naked Panda SCREENPLAY BY Alessandro Logli PRODUCED BY CREA UniCA / Università degli studi di Cagliari PRODUCED BY Naked Panda DIRECTION Naked Panda SUPPORTED BY Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission

CASTING: Bruno  Paolo Meloni Lorenzo  Tommaso Boi Luigi  Antonio Luvinetti

DIRECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Micaela Cauterucci, Enrico Monni Editing: Gabriele Meloni Visual Effects Supervisor: Giovanni Pintus AIUTO DIRECTED BY: Gianluca Caboni Color Correction Supervisor: Enrico Monni Casting director: Carlo Licheri Acting Coach: Agnese Fois CAMERA ASSISTANT: Michele Macciò GRIP: Emanuele Mallocci SOUND: Roberto Cois COSTUMES: Salvatore Aresu COSTUMES ASSISTANT: Giovanni Trudu SCENOGRAPHY : Francesca Ragazzo SCENOGRAPHY ASSISTANT: Riccardo Cara Make-up Artist: Marta Cauterucci, Silvia Garau EDITING: Davide Salotto STAGE PHOTOGRAPHER: Fabio Marras TITLES ANIMATED ILLUSTRATION: Giulia Della Pina BACKSTAGE OPERATOR: Gabriele Muscas

DUBBING BY Quarantacinque A&D DIREZIONE DUBBING: Michela Atzeni VOICE Bruno: Elio Turno Arthemalle SPEAKER RADIO VOICE: Lorenzo Melini

The Shifters Project SCIENTIFIC RESPONSIBLE: Maria Chiara Di Guardo, Prorettore all’innovazione e al territorio Project Manager: Laura Poletti, Responsabile attività di comunicazione per la Terza Missione CONSULENCE: Marco Casto

The Shifters

If you tell a story everything changes.

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Telling the research: our mission.

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Sustainable development: the role of the Shifters inside the community strategy.
A story full of science twist and turns.
Why a Third mission project.


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