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Marcello Campagna

While working in the company, Lorenzo wears a mask to preserve the respiratory tract from pollutants in the air.

Better safe than sorry: the importance of the personal protective equipment.

The industrial fabric and the urban fabric coexist, they intertwine at close distance. In some cases, they are separated only by a few hectares of agricultural land. In some other cases, to mark the borders from one site to the other there are rivers ponds and stretches of coast. The coexistence of the two realities is the result of the progress, the movement to the wellness of the cities, the technological achievement that allowed societies to take advantage of cutting-edge services that would improve the quality of life, speeding up the journey times and would weight down the individuals of the physical efforts of the manual labour of yesteryear.

The weight of a compromise.

Factories and industries have been a compromise for the societies. The communities have benefited from them but, at the same time, to pay the price has been the environment surrounding the man, without a doubt. The repercussions of industrial activities are still cause of the air and groundwater pollution, but also of the degradation of the marine and river ecosystems, of all the sweet waters, ponds and swamps, with an echo on the production of the crops and animal breeding. And in general, as showed by the more and more frequent cases of disease between the residents of the cities situated near the sites, the industrial activities have modified the health state of the individuals.

The intervention of forensic and environmental medicine.

In this scenery forensic and environmental medicine are the bulwark of the collective health. They evaluate, first of all, the safety conditions of the worker exposed to the levels of pollution during the activities. They check the general health status of the urban communities close to the industrial sites; they establish tolerability parameters of tolerability to exposure; they warn the societies and political decision-makers against the danger. If the values recorded are below the permitted threshold, they reassure, while as sentinels of public health, they warn about the risks and dangers. They give news of the collateral and harmful effects for the people. They explain how adverse reactions could occur, serious damage to the organism, in other words the warning signs of the impending disease.

Prevention before all: personal and collective protection equipment.

The personal and collective protection equipment are the equipment and instrumentation that aim to minimize the damage resulting from the health risks and safety on the job. They are fireproof overalls and gloves for the protection of the skin, the protections of the exposure of the eyes and filtering masks to protect the respiratory tract. Bu they are also all the devices used to filter the air in the homes that, for example, make it safe from eventual dangers linked to external pollution.

The equipment is portrayed in the first episode of the web series. Grandpa and nephew wear them in the life moments outside the house, during all the work phases in the business outdoors and during the necessary shift throughout the day. They protect themselves from the possible dangers using the right precautions and, in this way, they limit at their best the occurring of adverse effects of the environmental pollution. The pollution is widespread. They know itscauses, they are aware that to a large extent the danger comes from the activities at the centre of the industrial economy and from the habits of daily life consolidate within that society. They therefore live the need for mediation and live with the present environmental situation.

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