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There are ideas able to change the world. And if the teller is a story, everything changes! The Shifters tells How important change is, the evolution and the constant search for improvement. And it does it with one of its many languages, the podcast.

A curious society questions about some of the scenarios that research is pursuing and tries to understand through the intervention of an expert voice what implications research has in everyone’s life.

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The shapes that characterise the houses in the city have an impact on the environment. The roofs of the houses, the structures of the buildings might favour the ambient air concentration of pollution. Designing new conurbations that consider the winds and their direction opened an interesting debate that will affect the education of future engineers and architects.

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In the seas and oceans something is changing. Living species accuse the temperature rise and the acidifications of waters. By the hand of man, because of the carbon dioxide emissions the longest living creatures, the corals, are at risk of disappearing, becoming extinct. There’s still an option, however. The researches of the University of Cagliari tell that.

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Tradition is transformed into innovation thanks to progress and research. That’s why spirulina, one of the so-called superfoods, is at the centre of experimental studies led in the former mines in Sulcis Iglesiente in Sardinia, transformed for the occasion into the biggest and more international production laboratory of blue-green alga, following leading technological modalities for food, cosmetic and medical purposes.

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Small and medium-sized business survive the great companies on the market. The secret lies in the relationship that the entrepreneur has with the audience. Clients are people with whom share the head of the business share values and principles that are at the base of the entrepreneurial activity. The university’s research tells how it is possible.

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The air quality in the city and in the factories, the presence of pollution, the necessity to prevent the spread of toxic substances in the air or the one of self-protecting from their eventual presence. How do face masks, gloves and air filters help survive in a contaminated environment? Hot and actual topics, doubts and questions to whom university research answers.

Listen to Francesco Viola

The so-called climate phenomena are one of the consequences of the global temperature rise, such as rains, rare but more and more intense. Science tries to prevent the spread, the intensity and the distribution in the different areas of the world, explaining at the same time why in some areas of the world they might be caused by periods of intense draught.

Listen to Cinzia Dessì

Before creating a theory is necessary to collect relevant data, test the hypothesis and valuate them. The small familiar businesses and the predisposition to innovation can be understood a through the stories told in the course of time and shared from generation to generation. In the first stories, focused upon the foundation, are hidden many clues on the leading of the business and the future, on the chance of success.

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Climate change warns man of an imminent danger: the extinction of living species, the end of life on the planet. In the eyes of someone who deals with science, and not only that, the state of health of the seas is a very clear and distinctive clue of an already solved puzzle. The researchers explain the reason.

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The resources present on the planet are not endless. To guarantee that everyone benefits from them, a sustainable use is necessary. University of Cagliari encourages innovative practices of water treatment, to face the problem of their availability in the driest areas and to prevent pollution from wastewater, potential pollution for lands, layers and seas.

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The Shifters tells the fiction and so it creates possible worlds, even apocalyptic ones. The metaphorical game that the project stages to bring society close to science is the one of the hypothetical narrations, of what if. What if man stopped listening to experts, to scientists?

Listen to Maria Chiara di Guardo

The Third mission of Universities is the responsibility to transfer and share knowledge, approaching the territory and society. In this field The Shifters wants to get in a relationship with the surrounding tissue, to tell the academic research and its innovative impact on society.

If you tell a story, then everything changes.

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