The Shifters.
The third mission.

The Shifters.
The third mission.

If you tell a story, then everything changes.

There are ideas able to change the world. The Shifters, the third mission is a web series that talks about change, in the way that it unites the scientific, social and political discoveries that have characterised human history all over the time: the power of action that improves the future.
There are discoveries, in fact, that radically changed the world. In 70 years, technology has made possible achievements which before could only be imagined in fantasy books: flying 10000 metres high to reach far away destinations, communicating in real time from one end to the world to the other, floating in space and so on. Humanity explores, researches, finds solutions able of changing our life forever.

Research and new languages.

Research and new languages.

Often, the passion for science starts at a very young age, from an innate curiosity and an unlimited desire to experiment. Later, something changes: science becomes difficult and boring.
That’s the main hurdle to overcome. In fact, for centuries all literary and scientific production was founded on a constant dichotomy between science and fantasy. What if for once fantasy was the one to narrate science and research?

The third mission at University of Cagliari.

La terza missione dell’Università di Cagliari.

The Shifters is the innovative answer from University of Cagliari on its Third mission, that is the responsibility all the universities have to transfer and share their knowledge, approaching the territory and society. The project tells the innovation with an original and revolutionary language, able to combine fiction and reality through cinema and digital; a story accompanied by multimedia contents, insights and many curiosities.

The Shifters.
The knowledge that changes the world.

The Shifters.
The knowledge that changes the world.

With brand new eyes The Shifters gives the viewer – territory and society – a treasure of faceted knowledge. Science and research, on the other hand, are instruments able to create wellness and richness in the social fabric, towards a change available to everyone, starting from the small things. The Shifters gives us the opportunity to explore the research according to multiple keys of interpretation, with as many investigating languages as the perspectives from where science and research show themselves to society, but with a unique message: there are ideas able to change the world.

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Maria Chiara Di Guardo – pro-rector for innovation and territory, Micaela Morelli – pro-rector for research and Roberta Vanni – Director of CESAR tell the dynamics that have led to the realisation of a crossmedial project about the third mission of University of Cagliari.

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There’s always something fascinating behind change. An obstacle course that talks about our future. Telling the world is our mission.

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Crea UniCa

The University Services Centre for innovation and entrepreneurship encourages the inclusion and the contamination between different scientific-disciplinary sectors in University of Cagliari to spread the business culture in the territory.

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Integrated strategic plan Unica 2017-2021

The strategic planning at University of Cagliari is based on principles of empowerment, sharing, simplification, continuous improvement, transparency and the impact on the territory.

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Quality Policy Unica – SA report 20 December 2019

Presentation and approval of the project promoted by CREA UNICA The Shifters: a strategy to enhance the third mission. Part A – Paperwork 1 letter d) “Quality Policy UniCa”.

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Third Mission ANVUR

The National Agency for the University System Evaluation and Research, among the other tasks, evaluates the quality of the processes, the results and the products of the activities of management, education, research, including the technology transfer of Italian universities.

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If you tell a story, then everything changes.

Discover now the in-depth videos for the first episode.

Leggi i racconti del mondo che cambia

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Sviluppo sostenibile: il ruolo di The Shifters nella strategia comunitaria.
The Shifters: una missione UniCa. Cambiare.
La scienza: il gusto della scoperta.
Una storia piena di colpi di scienza.
Perché un progetto di Terza missione.

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