The true characters of change.

Men and women of science. The Shifters reveals the faces of the researchers, clearing in which field they are interested, what value their studies have, what kind of impact they exercise at the moment on the scientific panorama, which are the predictions that are awaited for the future and how they believe that research is able to modify future scenarios thanks to the progress contribution and the technological development.



Simone Ferrari teaches Fluid Mechanics and Microclimatics in urban environments at University of Cagliari. His research inspired the realisation of the first episode of the The Shifters series. There are clear references in the setting where the characters Bruno and Lorenzo live: desolated places, far away from the city centres of nearby villages, surrounded by a thick blanket of fog, caused by pollution.



Rita Cannas teaches Study Techniques and Conservation of Marine Biodiversity. She also teaches Zoology at University of Cagliari. The first episode is inspired by her research about the theme of the safeguarding of marine ecosystems and its forms of life, the corals in particular, to which Lorenzo gets closer through the reading.



Piero Addis teaches Ecological Systems Analysis at University of Cagliari. The first episode of the web series inspired by the researches of the university, also took something from his research activity. The references concern in particular the cultivation of spirulina algae, one of the so-called superfoods of the future because of its high nutritional properties.



Michela Floris is a professor of Economy and Management. She also teaches Family Business Management at University of Cagliari. The relationship between Bruno and Lorenzo inside the family business is about one of the researches to whom the web series is inspired.



Marcello Campagna teaches Forensic Medicine, Occupational Medicine and Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Cagliari. The references to the research are present in various moments of the everyday life of the main characters of the first episode, forced for health reasons to use various personal protection devices.



Francesco Viola is a teacher in Aqueducts and Sewage at University of Cagliari. The research theme of the first episode has something to do with the so-called external phenomena, heavy rains in particular, and at the same time events linked to periods of extreme drought.



Cinzia Dessì is a teacher in Entrepreneurship and Business Creation, Project Management, Business Social Responsibility at University of Cagliari. The relationship between Bruno and Lorenzo inside the family business tells about one of the researches to whom the web series is inspired.



Antonio Pusceddu is a teacher of Conservation and Ecosystem Management. He also teaches Marine Biology at University of Cagliari. The realisation of the short film draws its inspiration on the reflection on climate change, the rise of temperatures, the men’s responsibility in the altering of the marine and terrestrial ecosystem’s balance.



Alessandra Carucci teaches Environmental Pollution and Recovery Processes. She also teaches Wastewater Treatment Plants at University of Cagliari. The first episode is inspired also to the theme of the scarce of water resources that in the series puts the main characters in front of the need of the re-use and the consequently wastewater and rainwater treatment.



Antioco Floris teaches Audio-Visual and New Media Language and Techniques, Film Aesthetics and Image Languages at University of Cagliari. His interests in research have developed in three directions so far: cinema in Nazi Germany; film production linked to Sardinia and the problems about identity in the local filmmaking; the education to the image and the formation to cinema and audio-visuals, both in professional and educational fields. In the educational and research scope carries out activities of film producer and filmmaker.



Maria Chiara di Guardo is a teacher in Business Organisation in the Department of Economics and Management Sciences, University of Cagliari. At the same university, she holds the position of Pro-rector for Innovation and Territory and she is the Director of the University Service Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Her research is focused mostly on the themes linked to innovation management, organisation studies, technology strategy, start-up entrepreneurship, technology transfer e third mission.

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