The Shifters has something inside: the researches.

Through the audio-visual language The Shifters tells the importance of research, it makes it tangible. It shows its applicability and above all the high level of responsibility that every researcher feels towards the society and territory. Scientific data can hide many stories. The ones of the researchers, first of all, that bind to the stories of their researches, a lot closer to us than anyone can imagine.
The interdisciplinary University of Cagliari, that sees in the contamination of the single parts its strength, reveals in this tv series the box of knowledge that takes care devotedly. A story where every single episode hides a lot of treasures to discover.

Discover the researches that hide behind the story.

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Maria Chiara Di Guardo – pro-rector for innovation and territory, Micaela Morelli – pro-rector for research and Roberta Vanni – Director of CESAR tell the dynamics that have led to the realisation of a crossmedial project about the third mission of University of Cagliari.

If you tell a story, then everything changes.

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Read the articles that talk about the researches hidden in the episode.


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