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Science: the taste of discovery.

Science is nothing but a mix of ingredients that find their synthesis on The Shifters, flavours that give back a new taste to the audience. Discovery is always a moment of growth, it nourishes unreservedly, not only the expectations of the single but also the hopes of a whole community. One of the many ingredients that The Shifters decided to use to talk about research, science and technologic progress is the multimedia language. The episodes of the web series, in fact, are part of a complex and composite communicative frame that is completed thanks to the realisation of further additional contents. Because knowing means entering inside the things, savouring them to the end. The exact opposite of disinformation that is based, instead, on a bite quickly given, a quick coffee.

The Shifters: between fiction and reality.

The objective sought by the cross-media project of the University of Cagliari is as ambitious as dangerous: involving a wide audience is not easy. That’s why the languages are various and multiple. The Shifters spans several genres and is based upon an anthological narration in which every episode has a specific storyline and a story which is independent from the other episodes where there are references to the research, sometimes explicit and detectable in the setting of the story, sometime less because “hidden” in the set’s scenography. A subtle but well-defined line between fiction and reality.

Face to face with the researchers.

To be able to share the valuable knowledge that the University holds, CREA asked the researchers of University of Cagliari to talk about themselves in front of the cameras of a film crew. Every professor involved talked about himself or herself, revealing which passions, desires and ambitions that led to change, to that new growth possibilities that are both economic, social and cultural.
What is the third mission? How important research is? What kind of research is led inside the laboratories? Which relapses the research has on everyday life?

These were the questions. Starting from the answers of each of them, all different and representing different perspectives, we rebuilt a composite and diverse cloth, made of desires and sacrifices, stories and anecdotes. But most of all method, precision and strong desire to share scientific data.

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Maria Chiara Di Guardo – pro-rector for innovation and territory, Micaela Morelli – pro-rector for research and Roberta Vanni – Director of CESAR tell the dynamics that have led to the realisation of a crossmedial project about the third mission of University of Cagliari.

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There’s always something fascinating behind change. An obstacle course that talks about our future. Telling the world is our mission.

The Shifters

Telling the research: out mission.

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