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Sustainable development: the role of the Shifters inside the community strategy.

For the Universities the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations represents an action plan to transform the world, acting in favour of the people, the peace, the planet, the prosperity, the partnerships.

In this context there is a particular message that The Shifters embraces: the third mission as an occasion of society growth, of the progress of a territory, of the improvement to which a community can aspire, not only from the economic perspective.

This message runs through the entire project. Every episode of the web series is meant to represent a particular one, always different. The Shifters, in fact, narrates the different declinations of science, of progress and research related to society. It tells the interaction between several stakeholders and their way of acting and making decisions in favour of the community.

The Shifters, for a better future.

Every episode of The Shifters is independent, not only for the storyline and the film genre that characterises it, but also for the general theme that is close to the many and different common objectives promoted by the Agenda.

It is also for this reason that The Shifters is spokesman of the UN for the sustainable development, subscribed in November 2015 from the governments of the 193 member states. The 17 common objectives, shared by all signatories, are linked to a set of important issues, such as the fight to poverty, the elimination of hunger, the fight to climate change, the need of genre equality and of increasing the quality education, just to name a few.

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Maria Chiara Di Guardo – pro-rector for innovation and territory, Micaela Morelli – pro-rector for research and Roberta Vanni – Director of CESAR tell the dynamics that have led to the realisation of a crossmedial project about the third mission of University of Cagliari.

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There’s always something fascinating behind change. An obstacle course that talks about our future. Telling the world is our mission.

The Shifters

Telling the research: out mission.

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Sustainable development: the role of the Shifters inside the community strategy.
A story full of science twist and turns.
Why a Third mission project.


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